The Design offers a complete range of CFD analysis, consulting services, and training meshing for engineering students.

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Grid generation and meshing is the sub-division of the domain into a number of smaller, non-overlapping subdomains. The result of this division is a grid (or mesh) of cells. Mesh generation or meshing is one of the most important parts of every CFD simulation. We should designate enough time and carefully mesh the geometry. You are able to generate high-quality mesh only if you understand the physics of the system and fluid flow.

Our workshop has gathered experts in different engineering fields so as to ensure the quality of CFD simulations. There exist different tools for grid generation such as ANSYS ICEM and Gambit. However, considering the special features of the ANSYS Meshing tool, its compatibility, and being more user-friendly compared to other software, we strongly offer this software for mesh generation.

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Due to the wide range of mechanical science and the different fields of work as well as the abundance of projects, this workshop offers to view all the products presented in this section. In the absence of any desired project or project close to your request, you can search our portfolios in order to find your eligible project, after all, if you didn’t find any ideal project you can order your project from the services pages on the header of this workshop. Your order will be reviewed by our experts in the shortest possible time, and if we need more information about the proposed project, we will be in touch with you. After completing the required information to examine the proposed project, and confirming your request, the time, conditions, and costs will be sent to you during the contract. This process will take place as soon as possible. If you have any questions, you can contact our online support section (the fixed blue tab below the page). If it is offline, don’t worry, you can post your message, and it will be answered as soon as possible.

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