The Design offers a complete range of CFD analysis, consulting services, training mechanical engineering, and training computational fluid dynamics for engineering students.

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Mechanical Engineering & Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulation Services for Engineering Students

Mechanical engineering is the mother branch of engineering, is undoubtedly the broadest engineering discipline, and is a field, which involves many concepts such as aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, thermodynamics, air conditioning, heat, and mass transfer. Also, Mechanical engineers play a prominent role in most industries, and they facilitate technological developments. CFD software has equipped us with a powerful tool to simulate mechanical engineering processes and fluid mechanics problems efficiently.

As all of us know, the fluid mechanic branch is the main field of mechanical engineering and the primary method for predicting fluid mechanic behavior is computational fluid dynamics. This method solves the momentum conservation equation (Navier-Stokes). The best and more accurate software for simulation of CFD problems is Ansys CFX and Ansys Fluent software. 100% of our engineers at the digital workshop is expert in mechanical engineering. It is hard to explain what mechanical engineering is, and it includes what? Because this area contains everything, include petroleum fluid flow in deep in the earth to spacecraft deep in the galaxies. It includes everything. We involve various projects during these years. From designing a helical heat exchanger for a powerhouse to design and simulate fish cage culture to fish farming in the middle of the sea. The number of projects that we have done in this field is more than 1000. We can say that all of the CFD work related to other engineering branch is a part of mechanical engineering. CFD is one of the Mechanical engineering parts that can be in service in another engineering branch.

If you’re stuck in your academic B.Sc. thesis, M.Sc. thesis, Ph.D. thesis, and CFD work or need help in your industrial work, you can be in touch with us to teach you how to solve your work, and we can consult you. Also if you are an experimental researcher and you want to outsource your CFD work we have many suggestions for you. Before you start to design and test your device experimentally, we can simulate and evaluate your equipment. If you are an industrial engineer and your mechanical device breaks down and you want to found what the problem is?, and how can solve this?, we are here to help you. Both in troubleshooting and improve the performance of your device.

We are very experienced in the various industrial fields including power plants, petrochemical, and petroleum engineering, air conditioners factories, automobile manufacturing, etc.

We use Ansys CFX and Ansys Fluent package software for modeling, meshing, and simulation services for mechanical engineering students.

Having several years of experience in the simulation of various CFD fields using Ansys CFX and Ansys Fluent software, The Design workshop is ready to offer services in modeling, meshing, and simulation. You have the following software options to organize a project :

  • Design Modeler, Gambit, and CATIA for modeling.
  • Gambit, ANSYS meshing, and ICEM for meshing.
  • Ansys CFX and Ansys Fluent for analysis.
  • CFD-Post, Ansys CFX and Ansys Fluent software to extract the results.
Mechanical Engineering & Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation Services for Engineering Students :
  • CFD Simulation of all turbomachinery (pumps, compressors, fans, turbines, fan drop, diffusers, …).
    • CFD Simulation of heat exchangers (shell and tube, plate, double pipe, dry cooling towers, wet cooling towers, …).
    • CFD Simulation of cooling systems including air conditioner and refrigerator.
    • CFD Simulation of heating systems (water heaters, central heating, the heat transfer from the floor, …).
    • Aerodynamic CFD simulation of cars and planes.
    • CFD Simulation of engines and spinning and transitional systems.
    • CFD Simulation of air conditioning.
    • Dynamic mesh CFD simulation (2-stroke and 4-stroke engine, store separation, …).
    • Acoustic CFD simulation (airfoil noise reduction, silencer, …).
    • DPM CFD simulation (injector, dust dispersion, …).
    • User Define Function coding (UDF).
    • Solidification and melting (Phase Change Material (PCM)).
    • CFD Simulation of orifice and fluid measurements.
    • CFD Simulation of open channel flow (boats, ships, and submarines).
    • Chemical reaction CFD simulation (combustion, NOx removal, …).
    • Compressible flow CFD simulation (aerodynamic, C-D nozzle, …).
    • Heat transfer CFD simulation (heat exchanger, ventilation, electronic cooling, …).
    • Multiphase CFD simulation (spillway, sedimentation, …).
The Design Services for Engineering Students

Due to the wide range of aerodynamic and aerospace science and the different fields of work as well as the abundance of projects, this team offers to view all the products presented in this section. In the absence of any desired project or project close to your request, you can search our portfolios to find your eligible project, after all, if you didn’t see any ideal project, you could order your project from the services pages on the header of this workshop or via quick order. Our experts will investigate your order in the shortest possible time, and if we need more information about the proposed project, we will be in touch with you. After completing the required information to examine the proposed project, and confirming your request, the time, conditions, project time span, and the price will be sent as an official sealed contract. This process will take place as soon as possible. If you have any questions, you can contact our online support section (the fixed blue tab below the page). If it is offline, don’t worry, you can post your message, and it will be answered as soon as possible.

If you are an aerodynamic or aerospace engineer student and there is some problem in your project simulation procedure, or you want to order your simulation as a project to be simulated by our experts, kindly proceed through the workshop. Our services contain CFD simulation of the thesis (B.Sc., M.Sc., or Ph.D.), consultation, and training.

All your CFD projects could be ordered to be simulated by The Design experienced experts through the workshop.
Our services are high quality with low prices and would be delivered in a limited deadline for students. Do not hesitate to contact us if there is any problem or question with your CFD simulations.

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