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CFD Simulation of Heat Transfer (Radiation, Convection, and Conduction)

In the industrial world, heat transfer is one of the phenomena occurring in many important industrial processes. Sometimes we need to add heat and sometimes to remove heat from the systems and the streams.

For instance, we use different kinds of heat exchangers. Such as shell-and-tube, plate, helical, spiral and so many other types. Another application of transferring heat is in electrical engineering. In which the goal is to improve the thermal performance of electrical systems like CPU’s and Hard Disk Drives. Moreover, Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning in buildings need an understanding of heat transfer processes to efficiently design HVAC systems.

Forced and natural convection, conduction, and radiation are different mechanisms of heat transfer. Phase change including boiling, condensation, and melting may occur in different applications and systems. This happens in the cases that energy is transferred between two or more substances. We want to emphasize that accurate CFD modeling and analysis of the heat transfer mechanisms in such systems lead to cost-effective and optimum designs.

By means of heat transfer analysis using Ansys CFX and Ansys Fluent, a designer can find out how much heat dissipation we require. what the most efficient cooling method is, and which components are overheated once the system is exposed to a specific heat source.

We are experts in CFD simulation of heat transfer by Ansys CFX and Ansys Fluent software. You can see a summary of our done project in the field of heat transfer :

  • Using vertical and helical fin around the tube to increase convective heat transfer a coefficient and also Nusselt number in shell and tube heat exchanger.
  • Using the various type of fin in the plate heat exchanger to increase heat transfer performance.
  • CFD simulation of the effect of using nanofluid particles to increase convection performance.
  • Investigation and enhancing ventilation performance by the various methods in buildings.
  • Investigation effect of using porous media to increase heat transfer performance.
  • Effect of using air injector to strength buoyancy flow in the dry cooling tower.
  • Using equilibrium and non-equilibrium porous media to increase the heat transfer rate.
  • Investigation of human surface temperature distribution in the various ambient situations.
  • Using fin to increase heat transfer rate in IGBT heat sink.
  • Cooling of a transformer by various types and cooling fluid.
  • Simulation of wavy nanofluid in the wavy channel.
  • Finding outlet temperature in solar collector in various flow rates and shapes.
  • Using phase change material (PCM) for storing energy in the solar water heater.
  • Floor Freezing and heating in a room.
  • 2d and 3d investigation of heat transfer in the solar chimney.
  • Simulation and analysis of biological tissue during Hyperthermia Therapy with non-equilibrium thermal porous media.
  • Simulation of heat transfer and airflow around a conic barrier with radiation.
  • Simulation of the heat transfer flow inside a compressed shell and tube heat exchanger with Fins on the shell.
  • Simulation of heat and humidity in a residential room in the presence of a human.
  • Simulation of the heat transfer flow inside a humidity reducer (incremental) device with several internal cross-section bars.
  • Simulation of molten fluid flow and heat transfer in the presence of the magnetic field.
  • Simulation of heating gasoline in a tank.
  • Room heating with gas heater, electrical heater, and radiator.
    We are ready to consult, train and do your CFD project in the field of heat transfer in each application.
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