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Energy Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulation Services for Engineering Students :

Our organization always appreciates environmentally friendly activities. The global demand for energy is increasing as a consequence of industrial development and population growth. Dependence on fossil carbon-based energy with greenhouse gasses emissions causes major environmental problems.
Thus, we should widely encourage sustainable energies to use because they are available without any expenditure. And most importantly, it helps us reduce greenhouse gasses emissions and causes minimal environmental damage. Solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, bioenergy, hydropower, and ocean energy are different types of renewable energies.
To make appropriate predictions, and investigate the process of using and implementing renewable energies in different applications, CFD simulations are of great importance. CFD simulations will help us model airflow around wind turbines, waves, air conditioning in the buildings, heat pump,  etc. Therefore, we can save money, and engineers can develop their designs based on the simulation results.

We are expertise in CFD simulation of renewable and sustainable energy system especially in filed of extracting energy from, wind and solar radiation and also sea waves. We can use wind and solar energy Directly and indirectly. For example in building ventilation design, we can use wind velocity directly to improve indoor air quality and thermal comfort or to use this energy to generate electrical power by wind turbine and use this energy in electrical airconditioning systems. Using Solar energy is same. We can use solar radiation for heating of building directly or generate power by photovoltaic and use this energy in electrical heater in houses. We can simulate and design using renewable energy directly and indirectly. By precise CFD simulation and design of equipment in the field of renewable energy, we can reduce the total price of energy, and have a green world what we need these days.

Since using renewable energy is entirely depends on climate and weather condition, before each design, each simulation, we must investigate the climate of location that we want to use this equipment if we’re going to use wind turbine we should the wind velocity during the year in the exact location. If we’re going to use solar air heater and solar water heater we must know detail sunny days and solar radiation magnitude during years. This step is related to feasibility analysis. By understanding the magnitude of renewable energy resource we can decide using this energy in contrast conventional energy like fossil fuel is cost-effective or not?, And by using wich size of equipment we can satisfy energy requirement for our application.

We use ANSYS Fluent Software package for modeling, meshing, and simulation services for Fluid Mechanics and Renewable energies for engineering students

Having several years of experience in the simulation of various CFD fields using Fluent software, The Design website is ready to offer services in Modeling, meshing, and simulation. You have the following software options to organize a project.
• Design Modeler, Gambit, and CATIA for modeling
• Gambit, ANSYS meshing, and ICEM for meshing
• Fluent for analysis
• CFD-Post and Fluent software to extract the results

Energy Simulation Services for Engineering Students :
  • Vertical axis Wind turbine (Savonius, Darrieus, Giromill,…)
    • Horizontal axis wind turbine (a single blade, two-blade, three-blade,…)
    • Solar water heater
    • Solar collector (parabolic, flat plate …)
    • Solar chimney
    • Tidal turbine

Solar air heater

Using wind velocity for cross and single side ventilation

Using wind velocity in windcatcher

The Design Website Services for Engineering Students :

Due to the wide range of aerodynamic and aerospace science and the different fields of work as well as the abundance of projects, this team offers to view all the products presented in this section. In the absence of any desired project or project close to your request, you can search our portfolios to find your eligible project, after all, if you didn’t see any ideal project, you could order your project from the services pages on the header of this website or via quick order. Our experts will investigate your order in the shortest possible time, and if we need more information about the proposed project, we will be in touch with you. After completing the required information to examine the proposed project, and confirming your request, the time, conditions, project time span, and the price will be sent as an official sealed contract. This process will take place as soon as possible. If you have any questions, you can contact our online support section (the fixed blue tab below the page). If it is offline, don’t worry, you can post your message, and it will be answered as soon as possible.

If you are an aerodynamic or aerospace engineer student and there is some problem in your project simulation procedure, or you want to order your simulation as a project to be simulated by our experts, kindly proceed through the website. Our services contain CFD simulation of thesis (B.Sc., or M.Sc.,), consultation, and training.

All your CFD project could be ordered to be simulated by The Design experienced experts through the website.
Our services are high quality with low prices and would be delivered in a limited deadline for students. Do not hesitate to contact us if there is any problem or question with your CFD simulations.

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