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The Basics of The Design Customer Review

The Design Customer Review is a free service that lets you collect valuable feedback from customers who have made a purchase on your site. Your customers can choose to take a survey and rate their experience with just one click on your checkout page. Ratings from customer surveys apply to seller rating eligibility and to Product Rating eligibility. This article will provide you with basic information on how The Design Customer Review works and its relation to product ratings and seller ratings.


Seller ratings: The Design Customer Reviews data is a powerful source of seller ratings and helps you get seller ratings on Search and Shopping ads.

Product Ratings: The Design Customer Reviews data is one source of Product Ratings and helps you get product reviews and ratings when displaying products on Google.

Interaction: Product ratings and seller ratings can encourage more potential buyers to visit your site.

Badge for your site: The Design Customer Review badge helps show other customers’ reviews of their experience on your site.

Seller Rating

We use The Design Customer Review survey responses to help determine a seller rating for your site. Your aggregate score is a 1-5 star score that appears on search and Shopping ads. This rating also appears on your The Design Customer Review badge. 

Badge The Design Customer Review

The Design Customer Review badge is a visual way to help shoppers easily identify your site using the The Design branding. The badge also shows your seller rating and can be placed on any page on your site.

Note: The actual star rating on your badge will vary depending on the seller rating you receive.

Product Ratings

The Design Customer Reviews can also collect product reviews and help you collect ratings for products sold. Product ratings shown on Shopping ads are a 1-5 star rating and a total number of reviews.

Opt into The Design Customer Review

The Design Customer Review requires you to display survey opt-in to all of your users after the payment process. Users who choose to agree will receive an email from The Design Customer Review asking them to rate their experience.

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