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An Introduction to CFD

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is the science of analyzing systems dealing with fluid flow, heat transfer, and any other relevant phenomena occurring in fluids, using computer simulations. CFD is very powerful and covers a wide range of application areas. Such as aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, power plant, turbomachinery, electronic engineering, process engineering, medical engineering, meteorology, etc. CFD is becoming an essential component in the design of industrial products and processes. Moreover, there are several unique advantages of CFD to fluid systems design. For instance, a substantial reduction of costs of new designs, the ability to study systems where controlled experiments are difficult, and systems under hazardous conditions.

Finite difference, finite element, and finite volume methods are the three main numerical solution methods for the discretization of the governing equations of fluid flow. In all of these methods, first, we approximate the quantities using simple special functions. Second, we discretize partial differential equations. Third, we have a system of linear algebraic equations to solve. There exist so many numerical methods to solve linear algebraic equations system.

Setting Up and Running A CFD Simulation

For setting up and running a CFD simulation there are some steps that we need to consider, like the following :

  • Pre-processing
    This step includes geometry modeling, grid generation, selection of physical or chemical phenomena needed to be modeled. Also, the definition of fluid properties, and specification of appropriate boundary conditions.
  • Solving
    Here, after pre-processing, we discretize the governing equations. Then, we solve the equations using an iterative method available in the software.
  • Post-processing
    After you have done the simulation, now it is time to analyze the results. We can see the results in terms of vector plots, contour plots, 2D and 3D surface plots, particle tracking, view manipulation, etc. More recently these facilities may also include animation for dynamic result display.
The Design Services

We accept all projects in the ANSYS Workbench, ANSYS CFX, and ANSYS Fluent. Our workshop has gathered experts in different engineering fields so as to ensure the quality of CFD simulations. The Design workshop is the first organization you can trust to order your CFD projects online. One of our objectives is to boost the use of powerful computational fluid dynamics methods and also teach the engineers and those who seek professional knowledge in CFD.

CFD is easy by our services. Contact us for training in CFD applications and CFD packages. Our professional CFD engineers offer professional consultation and technical supports for your academic CFD projects and industrial CFD projects. Moreover, we have years of experience in coordinating CFD projects. Therefore, we are ready to perform your CFD simulations in different engineering fields.

The Design Offers

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