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About The Design

The Design has started its activity in 2019. After over a decade of boarding, we’ve been able to make an Ansys CFX & Ansys Fluent project. All completed projects are fully reviewed and validated with all validation criteria.
The projects carried out by The Design covers a wide range related to many engineering fields. Due to the extensive knowledge of mechanical engineering as well as the development of Ansys CFX & Ansys Fluent in various fields, as far as possible, relying on the efforts of specialists working in this complex. These services include consulting, training, and performing a simulation project with Ansys CFX & Ansys Fluent, which also provides simulation and validation projects of very high quality (affordable and quick) for engineers.

The Design Engineering Consulting Services

CFD consulting is our expertise. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is the science of analyzing systems dealing with fluid flow, heat transfer, and any other relevant phenomena occurring in fluids, using computer simulations. CFD is very powerful and covers a wide range of application areas. Such as aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, power plant, turbomachinery, electronic engineering, process engineering, medical engineering, meteorology, etc. CFD is becoming an essential component in The Design of industrial products and processes. Moreover, there are several unique advantages of CFD to fluid systems design. For instance, a substantial reduction of costs of new designs, the ability to study systems where controlled experiments are difficult, and systems under hazardous conditions.
Finite difference, finite element, and finite volume methods are the three main numerical solution methods for the discretization of the governing equations of fluid flow. In all of these methods, first, we approximate the quantities using simple special functions. Second, we discretize partial differential equations. Third, we have a system of linear algebraic equations to solve. There exist so many numerical methods to solve linear algebraic equations system.

The Design Training & Services

One of our objectives is training in CFD to boost the use of powerful computational fluid dynamics methods. Our workshop wants to teach engineers and those who seek professional knowledge of CFD and related skills.
We proudly announce that we have set up an exceptional online procedure. We aim to help you learn computational fluid dynamics step by step. Whether you are a beginner or a professional in CFD simulations, our experts in CFD are ready to pass the essential advanced skills on to you in all CFD fields.
Wherever you are in the world, you can benefit from our professional services and online CFD courses. The Design is also workshop which has prepared excellent conditions so that you can learn online. The training course will be done using the recorded software.
Then after the training, we send the recorded video of the session to you. We assure you that by attending the online courses with a professional trainer, you will understand CFD deeply and use CFD packages as well.

The Design Tech Support

Our technical support has years of experience in coordinating CFD projects using Ansys CFX and Ansys Fluent software. The technical at The Design workshop helps you understand the projects and their objectives much better and how to organize the simulations using Ansys in an efficient way.
The Design workshop is the organization you can trust to order your CFD projects online. Our professional CFD engineer and consultant engineering fields are ready to offer you exceptional services and technical support.
In case you need support for your projects you can send us your questions through your profile on our workshop. Our technology offers you a special and economical way to organize your CFD projects. Our engineer can support you step by step while you are doing your own projects. Once you face a problem during your CFD simulations we can help you solve the problem immediately so that you will be able to continue your project efficiently.

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